Instander for iOS (v16.0) – How to Download on iPhone/IOS Devices?

Instander for iOS (v16.0)

Do you know “APK”?  I am giving You the answer APK (extension) is meant for Android devices and stands for the “Android package kit “ but here we used IPA just for IOS devices, IPA stands for IO package App stores. Anyhow You can not use Safari to Download the Instander app for iPhones.

On the other hand, You can download the Instander app for IOS  devices but it’s officially its method for you interested users of iDevices. Apple does not allow this app for iPhones because it is not authorized for iOS devices. It strictly prohibits third-party apps or apps because apps are infected by viruses or the up-down performance of iOS devices Lastly there is no official instander app for iPhones or iPads This is the only way to download the app.

How To Download Instander For IOS

  • Start Download Impactor
    Cydia for iPhone and Altstore for macOS
  • After that Download the Instander IPA file 
  • Using a USB cable Connect your device to the computer.
  • Drag and drop the IPA file into the impactor.
  • Log in with your Apple ID and password.
  • Then go to the file manager, select IPA’s, and click on the Instander IPA file.
  • If a message pops up that the installation of unknown apps is blocked,   go to Settings -> General, and click on the Trust button.
  • Last, Click on Install to complete the installation process.
  • Before starting the iOS Instander, don’t forget to delete Instagram from your iPhone

Is It Safe To Use IPA Files On An iPhone?

using IPA files on an iPhone can pose risks, and it’s essential to understand the implications before proceeding. IPA files are iOS application packages that are typically installed on jailbroken iPhones or through unofficial means, such as third-party app stores.

  1. Security Risks
  2. Voiding Warranty
  3. Legal Concerns
  4. Unreliable Performance
  5. Limited Support


There are No More Differences between the APK and IPA files. Here Discuss some Features Overview in the following:

Filters and effects
Saved Posts

Follow and unfollow

Download Photos/Reels

Instander differences from Instagram. You are eligible for High-quality images, reels, videos, and stories. It directly downloads in your phone gallery as Your choice.

Ghost Mode

Ghost mode is a very important feature of the old version and the new version of the Instander app.

Users easily disable typing status the receiver doesn’t indicate when anyone typing a message. And you can view others’ stories, and also disable the read message option.

Developer Mode

Developer Mode is the most important part of the feature. It allows the whole app customization option. You can easily set up all apps. And also allows all settings of the app. 

You can stop ads, reel border changers, message part swiftly and easily, and stop auto-play videos.

Privacy Control

Privacy Control is a useful feature of Instander .its fully supports to app Be safe from harmful activities.

Is There Any Official Instander For IOS?

No, there is no Instander official app for iOS devices. Don’t be upset if You need then you can use the Instagram Clone version. You can also download it easily for Android devices.

You know APK isn’t the official version it’s developed by Third-party Developers.

It’s sometimes why APK or IPA both launch at once.

Note: If You want to Download the Updated and latest Version of the Instander apk for PC then Click Here


Yes,instander updates from time to time look competitor.

Instander is different from Instagram it allows direct download of reels, images, stories, etc

Finally words

I have explained all techniques and access of the Instander app for different devices except Instander for IOs.Aeroinsta is better than Instander, it’s very close to Instagram. and shared different features of apk . that are the same as those offered.